Question:  Why does professional medical support cost more than just first aid?

Answer:  Basically it takes considerable time, effort and funding to provide medical equipment and quality teams, and dependable operating systems as part of our services delivery.

Compliance costs quite a lot as well.

Compliance means a variety of things have been met that makes us reputable; Medical Standards, Appropriate medical equipment, Staff Training and Continuing Education, Insurances, Licencing, Liaison with Government Emergency Agencies, Health Department requirements, Pre-Event Planning and Risk Management, just to name a few. 

If your looking around for a quote for services, and a number of providers are far far cheaper, if they say straight away they'll do the job, or don't even gather detailed event information for a risk really need to ask yourself ..why are they so cheap?

Don't put yourself, your organisation or club at risk by adopting cheap services just so you can 'tick - a - box'. It generally won't end well.


Question: If there is an emergency at my event, will your paramedics and ambulance leave the site?

Answer:  Quite simply - No. 

First Aid Services (as well as other EMS providers) paramedics are not permitted to transport casualties direct to hospital from an event.

Rather, as part of our Charter, and our obligations under our Service Provider (Ambulance) Approval as issued by the Government, we will work to stabilise the casualty and arrange to meet State Ambulance Services at the entry to the event.

This way the casualty can be transported to hospital by government ambulance services, while our crews stay at your event, allowing it to continue.